Disc1 Disc2
1.Tear the Filunes 1.Astebreed
2.Return of the fragments 2.The Void
3.Ready to move 3.Forward to the Filune
4.For proof 4.Armageddon
5.Xbreed Stand by 5.Consequence
6.Headwinds 6.Familia
7.Energy diffuse 7.Life goes on
8.Prism reflection 8.We can get back up again
9.Imitation fleet 9.Shade of stardust
10.Est 10.Beyond the canyon
11.Destruction of the core 11.Headwinds (Chiptune)
12.The same origin 12.Est (Chiptune)
13.Erosion 13.Astebreed (Chiptune)
14.Not alone 14.The Void (Chiptune)
  15.Armageddon (Chiptune)

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